Blasius Kräuterbitter

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32% vol.

A delicious and strong herbal liqueur with fine-dry distillates and extracts blending various roots and herbs, accurately produced after a closely guarded recipe of the monk Blasius.

At a Falstaff tasting involving 48 competitors it earned the 3rd place.


Brother Blasius lived more than 400 years ago in the Monastery of the Gray Monks in Neuberg in Mürztal. He knew every root of the forest and the effect of every herb.

His unique elixirs were widely known and appreciated. Blasius Kräuterbitter is named after this monk. It is masterfully prepared according to the strictly guarded recipe of precious roots and herbs. Soothing and powerful in the taste.

A delicious herbal liqueur with aromatic distilled spirits and extracts.

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