Lohnproduktion - Leistungen

Contract Production

We would be happy to produce according to your recipe – depending on quantity and effort – in very efficient processes at cost-effective conditions. Our offer ranges from the labeling of existing bottles with your own, individual labels to the production of a completely independent product according to your special recipe.

Contract Filling

On our systems we fill miniatures of 0.02L in different sizes and shapes, over bottles of 0.35L, 0.50L, 1L etc. up to canisters, IBC, barrels and tank trucks. If required, we will gladly assist you with the design of the labels.

Contract work is carried out as part of our IFS certification and accompanied by our in-house quality assurance.

Lohnabfüllung - Leistungen
Vertriebspartner für Marken - Leistungen

Distributor of Branded Spirits

We are currently distributing branded spirits such as KIRNBAUER, BLASIUS herbal liqueur, WEISSE GAMS, JOSEF HAYDN cream liqueur and much more throughout the food retail and in the Austrian gastronomy. If you are looking for a sales partner in Austria, please contact Margit Korda.

Mail: korda@austrianbrands.at

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